TOP 10 B.S. Facts

A guide to b.s.


Battle Specter LLC isn't my first business.

I originally started making and selling hand cast resin miniatures as Barb Built (meaning Barbarian Built). My first products were Battle Fleet Gothic scaled Galactica inspired models. I purchased the molds from another person who did the same thing, and began making custom conversions of scifi spaceships for games.



I dabbled in firearms training.

For a full year I was an NRA certified pistol and rifle instructor. It's surprisingly hard to get clients to learn how to use such simple and empowering tools. I eventually just kept with the minis.



Battle Specter wasn't the name I actually wanted for my newly refined business.

I was intending to write and release a set of wargaming rules to go along with my developing miniatures line and had originally intended to call them "Battle Space: Action Stations" for the space ship game, and "Battle Space: Death Ground" for the 28mm tactical game. "Battle Space" was already taken, so I settled on "Battle Specter" instead. I'm glad I made the choice I did.



I have a degree in Creative Writing

I used my G.I. Bill to get afour year B.A. in B.S. I guess it's fitting that my company intials are B.S. I graduated with a 3.5 GPA in 2014, and have been trying to get published ever since.



My first published work was a self published book of poetry.

I published a small book of poetry on Amazon Kindle titled "My Five Gallons." I did it as an experiment to see how to do it.



I was a Grunt.

I served eight years as a United States Marine in the only MOS that matters- Infantry. I was an Infantry Rifleman from 2001-2005 and an Antitank Assault Guided Missile man from 2006-2010.



I don't drink or smoke (and I never did drugs).

I was pretty straight laced with regards to partying. I didn't visit bars, strip clubs, or local drug houses. I was too busy wasting my money on Space Marines and junk food.



I'm a married family man. 

I married perhaps the best woman ever in 2006, and we've been happily married (more or less- there are tough times in anything) ever since. I fully anticipate growing old with her, and look forward to grand kids.



I worked on my inlaws farm after I left the Marines.

I helped do chores in hog barns, and was a general handyman for about six months after I left the Marines. Loading hogs is the worst (but best paying) job I've had since I got out. If you ever get the chance, do it just so you have something to complain about, and compare your tough jobs to. Still easier than a 26 mile hump...



I like to work out.

Some people may think, "Duh" at this, but in high school I HATED the gym. I was a tall skinny kid with ZERO muscle mass and nerdly hobbies. When I went into boot camp, I weighed 165 pounds at 6'. When I graduated I weighed 155 soaking wet. It wasn't until after my first enlistment that I hit 175 and actually had some muscle on me.

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