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Today I had the chance to talk to a software developer about the application I want to create, and from what I can gather, the guy on the other end of the line was all about it. There are steps I need to take to move forward with this project, and I need to buckle down and make this thing a reality one step at a time. There are going to be a ton of moving parts, and nuts and bolts to get into place before I have a working beta, but suffice to say- I'm committed to this project.

Battle Specter LLC now has a defined mission, even if only for the short term. Build an app that helps teachers and first responders communicate as a team to protect our kids. Right now, I haven't got a great means to fund raise for this, so I have dedicated funds on my Patreon account beyond those needed to fund this site to go toward the creation of this application. After the app has been created, tested, and is moving toward implementation, a portion of my Patreon dollars will always go toward helping schools and their local first responders pay for installing and implementing the program.

Right now, I am focusing on creating a business plan to help me establish funding and design of the application in question. I'm not sure where this all will lead, nor what the coming months and years will hold with regards to this application, but I know that this is something I can and must do. More to follow as it develops.

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