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A-GREEN on things...

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Maybe you like the comic above- maybe you think it's stupid. Either way, I think the core of the comics message is something that we can all agree on. That being we will find a place we agree with someone on, then blow a difference in opinion completely out of proportion and burn any bridges that might have been built (before the foundations have even been placed). It's frustrating, and this tendency crosses party lines more than any other issue to date. The left will attack the right as being homophobic and racist earth haters, while the right will lambast the left over their stances on individual ownership of firearms and abortion.

The worst part of all this is that while we're busy arguing over silly shit like WHY we should go green, we're not going green. I don't know anyone (ok- maybe I do) who wouldn't agree that advancing our technological base to create cleaner and more plentiful sources of energy is a good idea, but I have friends and relatives who'd argue for YEARS with each other over the why- and never get anywhere other than mad at each other. This bickering we seem to thrive on leads nowhere, and to be quite honest, is far worse than any coal fired plant or socialist medical plan.

Why is that? Because the only way we (as a species let alone a society) will overcome the issues that we face today is to bury the axe, and get along. If we can't do that over something as simple as "yeah, green energy is a great idea," than how in the hell are we going to do it with regards to "she wants an abortion, but I don't think that is a wise idea." If we can't make forward progress on things we can agree on, because we want to sneak little gotcha's into every bill that hits the floor. Underhanded and sneaky politicking will lead to only one thing, and no one (save a few) really want to see that.

Part of the reason for the untrustworthy and underhanded methods we see in our current system are because of the untrustworthy and underhanded tactics that have been employed before. Neither side really trusts the other as far as they can throw them, and given how physically weak much of congress truly is- that isn't really far to start with. I do personally know a congressman who could hip toss another human being, and I trust that man with my life- lived with him for a couple years in the Corps- and I know for a fact that we don't agree on everything (hell, we had difficulty sometimes agreeing on who would clean what in our room- though I salute you good sir). Could I argue with him? Hell yes I could. Could I find agreement with him? Hell yes I could. Because deep down I trust that man. Maybe he hates guns and wants them all gone. Maybe he thinks that the earth is doomed unless we curb carbon emissions. Doesn't matter, because I know that he only wants what's best for our nation- it's why he donned the uniform and identity of a United States Marine. And that means more than our disagreements, and if he were my congressman- I'd vote for him for that reason and none other.

So perhaps we should find common ground- put the really controversial things on the back burner, and move ahead on what we can and should. If global warming is such a crisis, then those advocating we change our way of life need to meet the other side in the middle. Or at the very least, learn to sell the idea to those that disagree on the why, but agree on the what. We agree on more than we let on- we just suck at selling the ideas to each other.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let me know below, or find this thread in the Forum, become a member, and have a discourse there. Keep it civil, please. Throwing names and rude comments around won't solve anything.

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