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AOC Firing Was... Poorly Executed.

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

So was my poorly executed rant on the stupidity of the new Latinx BS. I think the reason was that the whole concept of creating a new non-gendered term to describe people in a gendered language is so asinine as to be incomprehensible to anyone with firing neurons. On both points, my extemporaneous attempt at clarifying what I was about fell short, so today I'll set it straight.

First- AOC's botched firing. Now, for the last few years, she's been something of a joke to the right. She looks into the camera, and like The Don, says stuff that leaves the audience scratching their heads wondering what just happened. She's full of useless eloquence, as one of my detractors on the Book of Face would say. Her problem is that she is so hyperbolic as to ensure that anyone not 100% on board with her leaves the party the moment she opens her mouth.

And this is the problem. She has surrounded herself with an echo chamber, and closed her mind to the rest of the world. All that matters is what's in her head, and she sees demons at every turn. The impending end of the world via climate change. The "far right radicals" who disagree with her on Twitter. And murderous Senators who are seemingly out to get her.

She's paranoid, and that paranoia is evident in her speech and how she conducts herself. And because she's got such a huge following that for one reason or another think of her as a role model, her paranoia has far reaching implications- just like The Don's paranoia has far reaching implications. And she, nor the media that props her up, seem to see it or care that it's a problem. And that makes it an even bigger problem.

So AOC is fired for being what she complains everyone dealing with her is- a crackpot conspiracy theorist with a massive following. She is, in many respects, the Left wing version of Alex Jones, and for that, she's fired.

Ok, for all you weak willed people out there- I will be using nasty language. Like, really nasty language. The kind of language that can end a career kind of language. But I have a point to make, and I damn well intend to make it. You know this world is getting stupid as all get out when I have to put a disclaimer in my own blog, but that's where we're at- and the language I'll discuss openly is part of the problem. So, you've been warned. If you can't stand mean words, go cuddle with your teddy bear, and suck your thumb like the simpleton you are. If you aren't a child, and can deal with an adult conversation understanding that saying something doesn't mean you agree with it- proceed.

Now, the race baiting issue on the left and in academia (though I repeat myself). As a student in college after serving my nation as a premier bullet sponge alongside peoples of all colors and creeds, calling them brother even to this day while being called a cracker and honkie by those same individuals, I had the privilege of being called a racist, and having to say stupid things like, "Why can't we say the fucking N-word in a conversation about the use of the N-word in Mark fucking Twain?"

Seriously. It was completely appropriate to drop the F-bomb in polite conversation in a classroom setting when not even speaking of the F-bomb, but we were unable to say the word "nigger" when talking about its use in Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn." You'd think the kids who'd just left their parent's homes for the first time were battle tested veterans of some far flung conflict.

Now, I know I just typed this evil word- and the roots of the word are evil- but why the hell are we giving this word so much damned power? "Fuck" doesn't have any real potency anymore because it's been watered down by an atrocious amount of use. It means less than nothing to people- so much so that barely 18's can drop more F-bombs in a conversation about microaggressions than the US dropped actual bombs on Tokyo circa 1944, or than a platoon of Marines will when talking about what they'll be dong in the next twenty minutes (and believe me- that's a hard thing to do).

It's retarded in the extreme. And it's this epic level retardation that would allow that same group of people to unilaterally adopt and use the racist term "Latinx" as a way of being inclusive. You literally have to ignore the culture of the people you're talking about to use the stupid term, yet they claim it's a more inclusive term to use. It's worse than a second lieutenant fresh from OCS talking about his leadership skills amidst a room full of staff NCOs.

Bullshit. It's a racist term no better than "nigger" and it should make you recoil just as much as that stupid fucking N-word does. It's a term developed by white, middle class intellectuals to describe a group of people with more pigmentation than them. It rates up there with "camel jockey," "gook," "slant eye," and "porch monkey." It's a dehumanizing term that instantly rejects the cultural norms of those who it describes just like all those other disgusting slurs, and yet it's mainstreamed by wannabe socialist on prime time television.

"Latinx" is a racist term used by self avowed racists to describe people they don't respect in order to sound superior to other people who look like they do but have different beliefs. I'm sure this got muddled, and I'm sure at some point this whole damned thing will get taken out of context to paint me as a racist, because that's how the people who use this racist jargon act within the world. They're cowards who can't take their ideas into the maelstrom of intense analytical debate, so they alter language and claim that you pointing it out is tantamount to being a racist yourself.

It's disgusting, and needs to stop. We can't just let spoiled super-high-schoolers and their handlers in academia push this claptrap. We need to be vocal on the issue, and point out their obvious hypocrisy. Sometimes that will mean putting ourselves on the firing line, and taking jabs as we assume the risk of being shut off (literally). But it has to be done. Carlin, George type, understood the power of words better than most, and it's by his example that I put this out there.

So, in closing, hold the line on language, or we're all screwed.

Battle Specter, out.

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