Battle Specter Minds

A long time ago, on a site not too dissimilar from Facebook, I began penning a series of posts specifically for that site. The intent was to create something that could lead back to this site. During this experiment, I received my first negative comment- I was so proud. The commenter actually told me to suck start my AR-15. It was so cute. No real refutation, just- "Kill yourself, no one needs an AR-15."

Fun times.

Recently, I decided to create a link repository to the original pieces so that you- my dutiful readers (all three of you) can find and share them more easily. Hopefully you find them as enlightening as I feel they are. Over the next few months I will be doing podcast episodes based around them for your listening pleasure. Until then, please follow the links and read up. Comment on what you have read- I'm always curious to see what others think (even if it is "Suck start your AR-15").

These are in no particular order- I just copied and pasted links. You'll notice that some piece either link to defunct links or reference my older blog address. This may cause some confusion to which I apologize in advance. I will update this as needed (hopefully) with more stuff in the future.


Battle Specter Minds: Of Rifles and Rights

Battle Specter Minds: Of the Militia and their Usage Pt. 1

Battle Specter Minds: Last Jedi

Battle Specter Minds: Censorship

Battle Specter Minds: Parker Antifesto Inline Debate

Battle Specter Minds: Currency

Battle Specter Minds: Masticating Meat

Battle Specter Minds: Soft Skills

Battle Specter Minds: Thoughts on Being a Father (One of my favorites)

Battle Specter Minds: Full Auto

Battle Specter Minds: Trans-Troops

Battle Specter Minds: Are We Done Yet

Not all people are intelligent...

Battle Specter Minds: A potential Step Forward

Battle Specter Minds: A Lovers Embrace (A short creative piece I wrote)

Battle Specter Minds: Warrior Nation

Failure to Adapt

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