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Damnit, I think too much...

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

So, this isn't an opines post. More of a glimpse into my mind/life. Today my son and I had a really awesome discussion that let me realize something that I might not of had I not had the discussion. the discussion revolved around Storm Trooper armor (namely because of THIS video.) Yes- THOSE Storm Troopers, and it got me to thinking that smart isn't the ability to gather more knowledge or even the amount of knowledge one has, but rather the ability to utilize what you got effectively. That's why an "uneducated kid" can be smarter than an "educated" adult. You can cram all the information you want into the head of someone over many many years, but if they can't apply that knowledge effectively than all they have is useless information. True smartness involves application more than substance, and I know for a fact that when my son's my age- he'll be WAY smarter than me.

Daughters too for that matter... But I digress...

Today I also watched a very interesting video by The Warrior Poet about managing recoil, and this too acted as a catalyst in my thoughts today. I'd honestly never heard of canting the support hand into the weapon to aid in recoil management, but after trying it in dry fire, I must admit- it feels really solid. A little tool in the brain housing group- but only a tool if it's used effectively.

I think you get the point. And in all honesty, I could go at length on either topic- like why the armor that Storm Troopers wear would suck fighting people with M-16's even worse than it appears to against blasters and why the Ewoks were able to wreck the Storm Troopers with relatively crude weapons (it has to do with WHAT the armor is designed to protect against and the Ewoks using weapons that cause injury in drastically different ways- namely kinetic energy through rapidly moving relatively massive objects versus radiant heat energy, which Storm Trooper armor probably does a good job mitigating... I honestly think that most of the casualties that we see- save those that fall into pits- are probably patched up and sent back in within a few days to weeks rather than getting killed outright. Getting hammered by a slug of plasma or a high energy laser blast is still going to hurt, and I can definitely see the energy putting a man down- even if the majority of that energy is bled off into his armor leaving him with a nasty burn but no life threatening injury.... But I wanted to talk about me thinking about this, and this aside is getting rather long...).

I over analyze and over think most things I think about. I what if all the damned time. I question why things are done a certain way, and wonder if they can be done better. I get on long winded mental benders about what the future of mankind could be and how we can make that a reality. Most of this happens when I'm behind the wheel of the car, or doing something else that requires more of the animal portion of my brain rather than the more rational logical portion of my brain. I'm constantly creating stuff in my mind, wargaming scenarios, building lists, thinking of new ways to do old things, and old ways of doing new things. I think about philosophy and theology and physics and space and social interactions and psychological reactions and everything in between (except what's for dinner or where I left my damned keys or what's going on next week). Hell, after posting this I'll probably go think about some random thing while I attempt to do another random thing.

I guess I get thought overload or something. I'm sure there's some fancy new age slang for what I do, or maybe it's just ADD or an over active imagination. Either way- I like it and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Because while other people are thinking about which bar they'll go to after work, or which running back their favorite team should go after next year, I'm pondering really important questions- like could the Ultramarines Legion as it was before the Horus Heresy take down Corisant (and how do you spell Corisant... "Coruscant." Google solves many problems... But Google IS a problem... Damnit- there I go again...)? I think they could. It'd be costly, but even the Jedi would get spanked pretty bad. Or how about the ethical dilemma of arresting someone for getting paid for doing something they could legally do for free- like having sex? Or the ethical dilemma of forcing or coercing others through the threatened use of force to do something to which they have deep philosophical disagreements toward- like baking a cake for a wedding they don't agree with or a cause they are in opposition to? Is it possible for the means- regardless of how vile- to be justified in retrospect after the ends have been accomplished? Is it ok in this new era of guilty by association to support Hitler's anti-smoking campaign even if I think he was a monster otherwise- or do I have to stand against him on his stance against tobacco use because he's a monster? Does anyone even care?

These things keep my brain humming along at near breakneck speeds, and cause me to dump or forget other information- yet I remember the perfect ratio of ingredients for the PERFECT cup of home made hot chocolate. Maybe I just prioritize the important stuff, and dump useless information...

Who knows... Now, where did I put my wedding ring?

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