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Dread-Tober Kit Acquired!

Updated: May 5, 2022

The last few days have been kinda hectic. Sunday was church followed by a great game with a new friend- and I acquired my Dread-Tober base kit, and Imperial Guard Sentinel! A fellow hobbyist on MeWe in the 40k group sent me the feet (which are freaking perfect) and today my Artemis and additional Deathwatch bits arrived. So now, I have the entirety of what I need to get this project off the ground.

I assembled the torso following the instructions, and decided that this Sentinel would be armed with a missile launcher (it's a good weapon overall, and gives the model some flexibility). The feet don't fit perfectly the Sentinel legs, but with minimal work, they'll work great (and that stylized "I" will mark them as something special). The issue I run into is that I intend to do at least 9 such models in time- and I can't have just one with the special feet! So, I'll have to dip into my Solid Works and design a set for printing- with some modifications to allow for more variety in poses as well as details and attachment to the Sentinels themselves.

This is, of course, going to slow me down a touch as I need the fresh feet and Snetinel legs to finalize the design, so a day or two getting that fleshed out, then after that- POSING! I plan on painting the torso, legs/base, and weapons separately so that everything looks solid when it goes together, so again- more time sunk into pre-work. However, I think this will pay off in dividends as the model will look awesome when complete.

Check back to see more progress as this project unfolds.

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