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"Dreadtober" Begins

Updated: May 5, 2022

The MeWe group I follow the most is a 40k group where the members share their latest conversions and paint jobs with other like minded nerds and bolster our own egos regarding how great we are with a brush or hobby knife. It's perhaps the best community that I am a part of, and I have yet to engage with anyone in the group who is a total tool bag. As a result, I participate there often enough, and it was through this group that I was exposed to "Dreadtober."

Dreadtober is kind of like NANOWRIMO wherein you build and paint a themed mechanized model on a 60mm base or larger before the end of the month while posting updates for others to follow and cheer you on. Given that the name is “Dreadtober” you ideally build a walker of some kind. Because I am starting a themed army centered around the Death Korps of Krieg, I selected a unit that I wanted to include within the army anyway, so that I can accomplish three goals in one fell swoop.

First, I wanted some Sentinels for the army, and as they are on a 60mm base a Sentinel works for this challenge. Second, I wanted to really dig into the theme of the army, which is an Inquitorial strike force built around an elite cadre of Militarum Veterans (the Krieg soldiers) and Deathwatch who specialize in yin-yang style assaults on critical enemy targets. The third goal was to try and get some people to at least read some posts (it’s kinda silly having a blog that no one reads) and I thought this would be a fun way to get some readers and be a little nerdy at the same time.

To do this I’ll do two things during the month of October. First, I’ll build and paint that Sentinel to match the theme of the army. As I move forward with the project, I’ll post pictures and updates about what I’m doing, what parts and components I’m using, and show how I do the things I do. Second, I’ll write short stories around the force in question- the 555th Penal Battalion known as “The Penitent Pyres.” The hope is that as I build the Sentinel, and write the stories I’ll get back into the swing of things with writing and create something people enjoy.

This will be a rather difficult assignment for me to accomplish. The things I have to deal with take up a considerable amount of time on their own. First is my podcast- I can’t stop doing that. In fact I want to increase the frequency of episodes that I post, and other associated blog posts that may require. Second, I’m working on making my studio/mancave which I call “The War Room.” I’ll be detailing that project as well starting this month in the hopes that I can get it usable by late November, and finished by early next year. Third, I workout first thing in the morning at 4 am before work. Fourth- work. Fifth (and the most important) I need to give time to my family.

All that being said- it should be fun either way I slice it. You get to see a little bit of my nerd side, and I get to create some cool content for those who are interested. I hope you’ll join me as I progress through this project. You can follow this conversion endeavor here on my blog, on my Facebook page, on my MeWe page, and on my gaming page on MeWe. Videos surrounding this will be posted to Bitchute and Youtube (when I have access to the bandwidth necessary to make it viable- stinks living in the middle of nowhere sometimes). When they go up, I'll let anyone following know.

Stay tuned for more as this awesome project moves forward.

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