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Freedom In Retreat (Evidence of 1984ing)

Updated: May 5, 2022

There are days when you wonder what the hell is going on- and did someone write a script for our times and the political class is just doing their part to see it to the bitter end? Some days, I do. Other days, I just shake my head and try to think of other less depressing issues like what is for dinner when I get home, or what will eventually kill me. You know- the really pressing issues. But there are times when headlines and articles lean in on the idea that we are living, if not in trying times, times that will test our mettle as Americans and settle the argument as to whether this experiment in Republicanism will work.

That's what the last episode was about- this idea that we're being gaslit by our media and the political class into thinking that what we thought we believed wasn't actually what we believed. The "1619 Project," the countless op eds from such reputable places as Salon and Vox that decry how those dirty Republicans have the constitution all wrong- the founders never expected so much grid lock to get in the way of obviously rational progressive ideals! They wanted democracy!! Hell, the very idea that our nation is a democracy to begin with.

Whats worse than the simple gaslighting is the slow alteration of the language to fit their ideas. The muddying of the waters between "man" and "woman" to allow anyone to identify as anything- even as animals- and have it be seen as "normal" when it is anything but. The idea that we should start educating children on sexuality at such advanced ages as pre-school, and letting them decide what they are- boy or girl or other- and somehow have that be viewed as healthy. To a person outside the indoctrination machine, it's obvious that these are fairy tales being spun out of whole cloth to placate people who have no direction in life, who'd rather be the victim and get that sweet victim cred than work for a living and produce something of value for society.

Unfortunately, those of us who live in the real world and deal with real world things are finding ourselves getting shouted down by those who live in fantasy and fear. While we are apt to just let people be people, those who feel they are entitled to be free from discomfort of any kind will gang up on those they disagree with and work to destroy their livelihoods. Question the idea of mandating a vaccine produced by multinational billion dollar companies in record time? "Antivaxxer." Like the idea of respecting peoples autonomy and privacy regarding what they put int heir bodies? Obviously you want gramma to die a slow painful death at the hands of the Covid Monster! Have a general distrust in what the government (the same government that heads the purported super racist and terrible nation I might add) and the media are telling you? Obviously, you're a conspiracy theorist. And don't even get started on wondering how a houseplant of a human being like Benedict Biden coudl get the most votes in the history of the Republic (you're just a My Pillow loving Q-Anon crazy person).

No matter what the objection, no matter how sound the rational for your actions, if you don't tow their line- you're the problem. And to be honest, maybe we are the problem. But to WHAT and to WHOM? That right there is the real question. Who's ass does my belief structure chap? What system does my desire to be free and happy wreck? Why am I the problem when I think that anyone- regardless of their lineage or persuasion or belief can carve out a happy and comfortable life in this nation? How can I be the problem when I don't assign race as the supreme motivator behind everyone's choices?

It's because we're being lied to. If the powers at be want us to believe everything is fine- they'll tell us through the lips of their media mouth pieces. If they want us to panic and foment change they'll have their puppets in Hollywood tell us to. If they want us to stick a needle in our arms, they'll do their best to cudgel and shame us into doing so. Make no mistake, those of us not in the media and not towing the line are a problem- for them. We are a problem to their systems and their grabs at control. And if you but stop for a few seconds, you can see what I mean.

Why is it that politicians end up becoming so wealthy after they get elected? Why is it that big multinational corporations are all about a $15/hr minimum wage? Why is it that media has pushed the idea of mandating a vaccine that has been in EXISTENCE for less than two years? Remember, the first version of this vaccine to end all vaccines was JUST getting released in December of 2020. It's January of 2022. And then after only six months or so of being worked on. How can any long term longitudinal studies have been conducted? How can we trust the FDA to approve this when they have approved such things as Aspartame, Thalidomide, and sugar? The government is an atrocious abuser of power and waster of money- until it's doing what people want.

No, you're not going crazy. No, you're not the problem. If you were crazy, the numbers wouldn't agree with the idea that the left has shifted left farther than the right has (yes, the right has shifted left). You can't be a problem for not getting a shot unless the idea behind the shot is control (otherwise, you're A CONTROL for a long term longitudinal study on the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine). If the answer to getting you to do what they want amounts to "take their kids and throw them in detention facilities" you're not a problem- you're THE problem.

And the simple reason is because you won't cave, won't be controlled, and won't be bullied. And bullies hate people like that. All we have to do to win is not budge and inch on what matters. Hold onto the language. Hold onto the American Ideal. And refuse to play their games. Yes, there's a cost to doing so. But the cost for going along is far worse, and has ramifications that our children's children will bear the burdens of. It's high time we stood up and preserved for the posterity of our progeny the liberties we were granted by those who passed them on to us. It's the American thing to do.

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