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Fundamentals Matter

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

This weekend I went out to the range with a couple friends, and got some good shooting in. We camped out on the 100yd line for five hours, and concentrated mostly on zeroing the guns I brought. It was a great time, and one of the more entertaining weekend adventures I've had this summer. This trip also netted me my single greatest act of skill all summer (pictured below).

Yes... I still wear that goofy eye pro...

As I said, we stayed at the 100yd line, and from there, using a modified DPMS Oracle in 5.56, I shot a casing. Now, to some, this may seem like a, "meh..." moment, but for me, it was a monumental shot. Not just because I hit something a 1/4" across from 300 feet away, but because I replicated the same feat later with a .45 casing. The rifle casing took 2 shots to get the hit- the .45 took some more (I'm guessing fatigue hit me during my first bout, because after taking a break, I got it in three shots).

It must be skill- it was replicated... Right?

And that seems to be the big lesson here. Fundamentals matter. My buddy Mike got behind an AR pattern rifle for the first time in 10 years after leaving the Marines, and he did really damned well. My thoughts are he hasn't learned bad habits since he got out, and was able to just apply what he had learned to the rifles we had out with us. I've gotten more proficient in some areas, but lost my edge in others. Going backwards in my shooting (IE, returning to working the basics again) will more than likely iron out my deficiencies.

Dude still has it after ten years.

Either way- hitting a casing is not only exciting, but gives me a goal for the next outing. Shotgun shell at 200 yards. Not sure if the DPMS is up to it... Actually, it probably is. During one of our annual trips to the range while I was still in, the platoon Sergeant at the time said (and I quote), "The M-16 is the most accurate service rifle ever built. YOU make it inaccurate." I'm sure my DPMS is more than accurate enough to make the shot. Me on the other hand... I'm the weakest link. But if I can do a .223 casing at 100 yards- why not a shotgun shell at 200 yards?

It just takes a little fundamentals. That, and some patience... Two things I need to work on. What do you think- can the DPMS do it? Go ahead and leave a comment.

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