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Guardian Angel

When I was a Marine, we used a tactic known as the "Guardian Angel." Basically, it amounted to putting a Marine in an elevated position covering his/her buddies from potential attackers. They could relay things they saw, or engage enemies before they hit the main element. The app I'm working to develop will do much the same for schools- allow police and other EMS to start affecting events before they arrive on scene. The goal is reducing reaction times to attacks on schools to zero minutes.

I can't do it myself. I barely clear enough from my own enterprises to keep my cheap site running, let alone fund a $500,000 mobile application. That's where YOU come in. A dollar here, and a dollar there will make a difference. I'm not asking for much- I'll never ask for more than I'd give myself. It's worth it to me to get this running. I have ideas to fund this long term, but I need help now.

Follow the link to the GoFundMe I have started to donate. All funds gathered there will go directly to the development of the application. I have a developer lined up. A business plan is being drawn up. I just need capital to move forward.

Thanks in advance for your time and help. With your help, there will be an app for that.

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