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HR (19)484.

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

If you'd like to listen to an audio version of this (which is far less in depth into my thought process) you can listen to it here.

Ok, so this bill is, without a doubt, the most ridiculous bill I have seen in a while (that's not counting HR 127 which is terrifying in scope, and probably won't pass- though I won't trust that hunch in the slightest) and that's saying something. It's not a bill to to stand against hate- it's meant to remove from the record books our last president because "Orange man bad."

Don't believe me? "Federal funds restriction on commemorating certain former Presidents." Certain former presidents? Like, who?

"no Federal funds may be used to—create or display any symbol, monument, or statue commemorating any former President that has been twice impeached by the House of Representatives on or before the date of enactment."

Gee- who the hell could THAT be? I mean, why not just Presidents that were impeached at all? Oh yeah- that would mean that Bill-I-flew-to-Epstein-Island Clinton would also have to suffer this rather ignominious fate. Rather telling- isn't it? This is tailored to go after a single president, after one guy that they were gunning for since before he was sworn in until now evidently.

They just can't quit this guy no matter how hard they try.

I mean, I get it- they chased this guy around and tried to Impeach him for four solid years. Ran a multi year investigation on the man and his activities during the election and beyond and came up empty. Who'd have thought that the next Hitler (their words, not mine- I'm not breaking Godwin's law here) would be so, as the guys at The Lotus Eaters keep saying, "the goodest boy." Squeaky clean. Paid MORE than his "fair share" in taxes, donated his entire presidential salary, took a big business hit just assuming office, was ridiculed by the press his former friends in entertainment and half the freaking country on a daily basis.

And they have ZERO to show for it.

It's gotta be the biggest case of political blue balls ever. So it makes sense that they'd try one last time to get him, and it makes even more sense that they'd do it in the most petty and spineless way they could (they are, after all, politicians).

But I think this goes deeper than even basic pettiness. For four years we got to witness our equivalent of "three minutes of hate." We have seen how media and the left have acted Orwellian to the extreme as they worked on memory holing anything disparaging (see the Hunter story, or all the tweets from Biden's cabinet that were erased shortly before they started). We've been dealing with gaslighting for a while now, and some of us are picking up on it- can see what's going on.

This is an attempt at erasure- at writing the history books. It really seems that we'll get to see in the future lists of presidents that jumps from Obama to Biden with no one in between if they get their way. Trumps memory within the political establishment will be akin to the two missing Primarchs that Emps had disappeared. Years from now people won't even realize that Trump was president at all. Because they see him as nothing more than a hiccup in their goals- as nothing more than a speed bump on their great and glorious march forward toward "progress."

It wouldn't be hard to erase him either. Memory- real memory- is one maybe two generations from pure death. My eldest kids know The Don was president. My youngest have no idea. I know, obviously. You know. Your parents. But in fifteen years, when Google doesn't list him as a president, when Biden is listed as the 45th and 46th president- how will people know what the truth is?

I'm being slightly hyperbolic, but it's to drive the point home. My kids in fifteen years will have a glimmer of a memory of The Don as he wasn't truly influential to their lives. My wife and I will remember- may even have stuff saved on our hard drives from this time talking about The Don. But what happens when the links we have saved are changed? The contents edited when we're not reading them so when we reference them they don't say what they said before? You think it would be hard to hide that? How much new information is created each day? How many times do you reference a single article in a given time period?

I'm guessing once- maybe twice- on average and even then you more than likely skim it. And that's the problem.

If this law is passed, it makes removing The Don from the history books far easier, and the struggles that were had in this time period can also be removed from the histories. Any lessons learned go bye bye. But more importantly, and more terrifyingly, what actually happened isn't remembered. The pandemic- just a hiccup, or something that came from somewhere it didn't, spread by some interloper for nefarious reasons, that Biden or Harris took care of. Maybe Trump will be that interloper. An evil billionaire business man hell bent on destroying the world, and Sleepy Joe and Trojan Harris were the heroes who stopped him.

It's not much of a stretch. People already view it that way- all they'd have to do is make the rest of the stories fit. Edit what little they'd need to, and quash the rest. Create the story they want to promote the future they desire. It's a terrifying thought if you really think about it, and it's not one we can or should take lightly.

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Battle Specter, out.

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