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I'm Turning into a Cynic.

Updated: May 5, 2022

I'm sure anyone reading this has already heard of or read about the leak from the Supreme Court about the majority opinion that seems to show that the court will overturn Roe v Wade. I'm sure there are plenty of pro-life people out there who are thrilled by the news, and looking forward to living in a nation where the states determine the laws surrounding abortion. I know I'd like to see that. However, the pessimist in me truly believes that whoever leaked this information did so to alter the climate of the election season more than to simply let people know what's coming.

Take into consideration the following points.

1) Benedict Biden has a rather low public approval rating due to his poor handling of the economy, as well as his status as a barely alive person.

2) The economy is kinda shit right now. Inflation is at a high not seen since the 80's, and we're moving into recession territory.

3) Hunter Biden's laptop, and many of the things on it, are in fact real (despite what the Truth Czar may have claimed before becoming the Truth Czar).

4) There is a large contingent of the nation that is upset about what is going on in the schools that are raising our youth. Mainly having to do with CRT and the sexualization of children.

5) Election integrity issues surrounding not one, but two elections where half the country didn't believe the outcome was legitimate. If you think this isn't important, you really need to start paying attention.

6) The Covid pandemic is all but over, and it would be over if our public officials would just let it go.

If you take these items together, it was looking like a blowout year for the Republicans. They were primed to take seats in congress, potentially taking the majorities in both houses. Were that to happen, Benedict Biden's presidency would be all but over. He'd be a lame duck sitting in the office waiting for his term to end. His administration isn't very effective as it is already, and things would only get worse.

Now, you could make the argument that were he to lose the majorities that he has right not, he could then shift blame for his failed policies to the republicans, claiming that they were using their majority status to keep America from recovering, but I'm pretty sure the electorate understands that this would still be his fault. If he hold the majorities, he has the chance to get some very radical bills through before his time is over, codifying left leaning ideas into law.

This may in fact be what this is all about, though I'm unsure if the leak is motivated from the top down. You see, this information leaking now gives those on the hard Left a tool they can use during the election cycle to motivate their base. the abortion argument is a real motivator for left leaning folk, and even reaches into the center where the above issue also reach. This also shift the news cycle away from all the black eye policy choices of the Biden Administration and refocuses the news on an issue that does work to the advantage of the Democrats.

Given the medias proclivity to lean toward the left, this means that they will focus on this issue at the expense of others during a time when shifting the focus can have real effects on the upcoming elections. Republican candidates will obviously run on the fact that what they are doing is working- that Roe v Wade is dead and isn't that wonderful?! And the Democrats will run on the fact that those EVIL Republicans and White supremacist racist right wingers killed Roe v Wade, and we really need to stop this right wing putsch. Both sides of the argument will work to motivate the other along with their own bases, further forcing the divide, but more importantly, taking some wind out of the sails of the Republican party's efforts to win the House and Senate.

This is analogous to Twitter and Facebook deciding that the New York Post's Hunter Biden story was Russian Disinformation and throttling it when it came out (or like the New York Post breaking said story when they did). That incident did effect the outcome of the election, just like 3.5 years of "Trump is a racist homophobic sexist real life Nazi" played everyday on the news effected the outcome of the election. This is electioneering from the perspective of information control. Right now the attention of the country is shifting to abortion from a crumbling economy, a failed presidency filled with corruption, and a left wing push to sexualize kids. Those issues that were front and center for the last two years will be put on the back burner as "50 years of supreme court precedent" are suddenly on the chopping block.

Make no mistake, this is not some altruistic individual dropping the news to protect a right protected by the constitution (which it's not), but a move to distract us from the issues that will have lasting effects on our nation for decades to come if we don't put a lid on them. Inflation bordering on runaway, an undeclared war that could boil over and involve more than the two nations with which it started, school officials obviating parental rights on their own authority, and an administration that can't handle any of the above adequately will no longer be the major news and the focus of the election- abortion will be.

Call me a cynic, but this is a political trap, and everyone is walking right into it.

Battle Specter, out.

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