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Now Available in Paperback.

This will be short.

I recently released my first poetry book in paperback form. It's available here. This book has been available as an E-book for almost a decade. Now, you can peruse the pages in real life.

I have a second book of poetry that I will be releasing in the next month that will exclusively be available in paperback. I'm shooting for a release date of July 4th. Just needs organized, and a few more poems put together for it. So keep watching for that.

There is also a Vella series in the works that you'll be able to read on Amazon, and I am working on another piece for the Scab series. More good stuff coming in the written works front.

And last but certainly not least, I will be launching another season of The Rambling Devil Podcast. I fully intend to start releasing video content alongside it. No promises on the frequency of episodes, but they're coming. The first episode for next season should be really good. I have a special interview planned that I think you'll find interesting. So stay tuned on that front as well.

Battle Specter, out.

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