Politics as Total War

The last few episodes on the Rambling Devil have been centered around politics. This election is exceedingly contentious, but it really shouldn't be. The reason, at least to me, is that we're dealing with not a simple election, but something more akin to ideological struggle. To many, this is exactly what we're dealing with. More and more, as thing progress, we find ourselves not in a conversation about how best to tackle different issues, but a struggle between two opposing viewpoints that cannot coexist. If this keeps going, the violence that we've seen this year, and the dirty politics will only increase as each side exerts more power to attain their goals. The only way forward that I can see I referenced in my previous episode about revamping how we vote. We have to bring the nation together on issues in sch a way that we are discussing the best way forward, rather than trying to keep our adversaries in check while pushing our own views to the fore. This will require our politicians and media to stop being divisive. How we accomplish that... That's a good question. Answer that one below too.

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