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The Elusive Goal: Where is Far Enough?

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Recently, our president, Joe “Benedict” Biden, released his plan to ensure that the rest of America that hasn’t received the vaccine for Covid will be forced or coerced to get that vaccine. He deliberately and directly voiced his desire to ruin the livelihoods of nearly 80 million American citizens if they won’t comply. His mandate levels the full weight of the bureaucratic machine at those employees of companies with 100 or more workers, or those companies that (so far as I can tell) contract with the government. Companies with 100 or more employees that don’t contract for the government must ensure their employees are vaccinated or tested weekly, and those that contract for the government must get vaccinated with seemingly no testing allowance.

No individual allowance has been made for those who have a natural immunity to the disease from having had it, and there is minimal means to opt out of this overreach by the current administration. What’s worse, Benedict Biden has decided to use OSHA and the Department of Labor to ensure that this mandate is enforced, with fines on those businesses effected being as high as $14,000 per infraction per week. All while saying, “this isn’t about personal freedom or choice.”

I post this today because I am tired of the bullshit. I work for a company that has over 200 employees, and makes components for new Navy vessels. My job therefore, is at stake if I don’t wish to be vaccinated. My employers ability to get the components they produce to the Navy in a timely manner is also at stake should they have to fire me because of my refusal. I am one of two people where I work who do my job. To my knowledge, neither of us has been vaccinated, nor do we have any intentions of doing so. I may be wrong, as my coworkers vaccination status is exactly none of my business, but suffice to say our being let go as a result of this policy would affect not only our own lives, but the ability of our Navy to get ships made and to sea in a timely fashion.

This wouldn’t be such an issue were it not for the simple fact that my boss can’t get anyone to work in the department I work in. Not because there aren’t people out there who can, but because the incentive structure for getting a job, coupled with the specialty of our work, our capped union pay and the inherent dangers and risks involved, make the job uninviting. Who wants to do a job that should pay in excess of $30/hr given the skills and dangers required when the companies union has limited it at less than $25/hr? These factors, coupled with the potential of this bullshit mandate has the potential of putting my employer in a no win situation. Either trample the privacy rights of their employees to force them to do something they don’t want, or lose valuable workers when things are already tight and the workforce is already too small. Benedict Biden’s mandate doesn’t just affect the individual- it hurts businesses. And in the instance of my job, it directly affects our nation’s security.

This is entirely about individual liberties and choices, because that is what our nation was founded on. Each man and woman is the sovereign of their own homes, and the government is meant to ensure that their individual rights are protected. There’s a reason that the first ten amendments to the constitution were written as they were. They aren’t a list of things American citizens can do- but a list of things that our government cannot. Our rights are expressly protected from the government’s overreach, not granted to us by our institutions. That is the core idea of our way of life, and to have a president who seems not only willing, but enthusiastic, to shelves those rights for the illusion of safety runs counter to the ideals that we, as Americans, should uphold.

And so, with all that being said, I conclude with this: Do not comply with this mandate. Whether you are pro-vaccine, anti-vaccine, or a conscientious objector to the vaccine as I am, hold the line. What shouldn’t be a political statement has become entirely political over the last year and a half at the behest of those who deem themselves our rulers and betters. It gets really easy to be drawn into the debate on one side or the other regarding this disease with an aggregate survival rate in excess of 99%. People are terrified of getting Covid, or of being seen as “the bad guys” in this instance. Should you elect to refuse compliance with this mandate, you are NOT the bad guy. You are the good guy. You will be standing for individual rights. You will be opposing governmental over reach into our private and personal choices.

This is not about being anti-vax, or pro-vax: this is entirely about personal liberty and individual choice. This is entirely about your autonomy and agency as a free thinking individual. This is about your children’s agency when they reach the age of majority, and holding for them the same rights that you enjoy today. This is about ensuring that the dream which is the American ideal survives for many generations to come. Right now, with this mandate looming, that way of life is under threat. The way we combat this threat is not through force of arms or the destruction of society- it’s through simple noncompliance. Just say no, mean what you say, and don’t budge. Given the administrative machine nothing, and take from it the one thing it requires to succeed- your bending of the knee.

Stand firm, America.

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