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The Last Month or So.

Updated: May 5, 2022

I'll keep it brief.

Over the last month I've been pretty busy. Work on the War Room has been driven to a near standstill, and my work on the podcast and blog have been slowed to a crawl due to overtime. Not involuntary overtime mind you, but the kind of overtime you put in when you are faced with potentially losing your job due to a vaccine mandate from the office of the president, so you figure it's a good idea to get some extra coin in the bank so your wife and kids don't starve.

Why, in the United States of America I have to even contemplate something like that is beyond me, but here we are... Let's Go Brandon.

So consider this me letting you know that the show and blog are still alive and well, even if our liberties appear to be on life support. I remain on the course, and fully intend to get back into it in the coming days. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Told you it'd be short.

Battle Specter, out.

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