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We're two Saturday Specials in...

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

And we're just getting started. Since my last post in November, a lot of stuff has happened in rather rapid succession. There was a nasty riot at the capital, many lawsuits pushed around the elections, AOC is saying Cruz is trying to murder her, OBiden has signed 30+ executive orders to undue Orangeman, and Wallstreet got punched in the peepee by a bunch of basement dwelling trolls.

It's like we complained about 2020 being nuts, and 2021 was like, "Hold my beer." Currently- things are looking sideways, slanted kinda up until it's slanted kinda down. But- that's life. What are you going to do?

Well, I'm gonna podcast and post a helluva lot more. I've got a Rubicon King Tiger that I'm building for a review for YouTube and Bitchute, putting out podcasts twice a week moving forward (to become daily by the end of the year unless I get Parlored), and I'm learning how to mix sounds so I can start making parodies and skits.

CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT!!! That's my mission for the next year.

All that being said, expect more here. I'm looking to put at least one post up per week here, to correspond to the Saturday Special (this being the first) as well as venturing into more inventive and fun stuff (like giveaways and the like). Should be a hoot (until I get Parlored of course).

Anyway, that being said, on today's episode of The Rambling Devil Podcast, K-Dog and I talked about a couple things I want to uselessly eloquence on. The first, weapons. Now, I know I have not one, but two podcast episodes that deal with this, but I want to really dig a little on that topic for a moment.

Back in the day, I did call AR-15s and AKs and the like "Modern Sporting Rifles" as some in the NRA were doing. I figured, "This is a non threatening term that might allow the conversation to move forward." Wrong. Dead. Frakking. Wrong. Us calling weapons by some sissy name is nothing more than the revers of the "assault weapons" BS that has gotten us into this mess in the first place. We're supposed to be the honest ones, not the ones obfuscating the point and dodging the question.

And by doing so, we literally hand those who wish to destroy the second amendment a rather nice instrument to batter at it. Because we define what we're trying to defend- ARs and AK and the like- right out of being protected in the first place. Arms doesn't mean "sporting toys" and the entire idea of a "sporting purposes" clause is idiotic on the face of it. Arms means:

It says it right there ^^^^^^^. Weapons. Ar-15s, AK-47s, Scars, Glocks, Kabars- those are ALL weapons and we need to be honest about that and the reasons for us (the lowly serfs that ask the government for permission to build on our own land) to own them. Trying to pretty the argument up is a stupid way to increase the good feelz for literally zero real effect. Just like "Assault Weapon" doesn't change our mind, "semi-auto rifle" won't change theirs.

Facts matter, and an argument based on them matters. Feelings don't matter, and an argument based on them doesn't matter (to those who pay attention and don't swallow what they're told because "authority" and "authoritative news" would be the caveat there). So stick to the facts. Yes, we're talking about weapons. We're talking about owning weapons. We're talking about Trump haters owning weapons. Use that as an emotional argument- what if The Don HAD resisted the election with force and started arresting people who opposed him. Would you want guns then?

This stuff cuts both ways- so use it that way.

The second thing I wanted to go a little deeper into was 3rd parties (you thought I was going to go deeper into Gamestonk, didn't you?). Right now there is a schism between the left and right, and to be quite honest, there needn't be. On many issues we really do agree. The environment is important and we shoudl take care of it. All people matter, and should be treated equally under the law. White supremacy is bad (hell- all racial supremacist movements are bad, though that is a tough thing for one side to admit). The government is corrupt (odd that one side seems to think that it is but needs more power to be less corrupt? Not sure on that one...). Shady stuff happens on Wall Street and it's fun to watch rich hoosey wanks squirm when they're getting bested by neck beards with stimmy checks.

Yet, the divide is there anyway because each side has been conditioned to hate the other, and fear their ascension to power. And the apparent answer to this problem is- get our side into power and increase their power within the law.

Isn't that fucking stupid? Like, brain bendingly stupid?

You know that hammer eventually gets passed to the other side, right? But no one seems to think about that, they just keep digging their trenches and drawing their lines in the sand and refusing to cooperate for fear of getting primaried.

It's retarded. Literally. See.

So how do we fix this stupid before it fixes us (by neutering our rights even more by ripping our balls off at the taint)? To me the answer is simple- we work from within. There is nothing wrong with working hard to get the parties to become more centrist from within while simultaneously putting up and getting into office officials who stand for what the other 145 million Americans who sat the last election out want. You know- reasonableness and rationality. And to be honest, it wouldn't take much.

Currently, the margins in pretty much every house chamber in America from the state level to the Federal level is very nearly equally bifurcated between red and blues. That means small majorities numbering at times in the single digits. Meaning a third party with a small number of people could, theoretically, prevent either party getting a majority, forcing them to haggle with the middle. And the middle could pull them back to the MIDDLE. Tim Pool gets the credit for this idea, though even he probably wasn't the first to think of it.

I think this has merit, but we can't expect this to happen over night, and we can't expect a third party President any time soon. But we can make inroads to take the temperature down and get the two sides talking again. Before, you know, they go and give the octogenarians with false teeth all the power leaving nothing for the People. The left and the right both have good ideas, and we can incorporate all of them to greater or lesser degrees. We just need a good solid party to act as the glue for a while until we can sort this out peacefully.

Because we really don't want the other way- trust me on that one.

Until next time, Battle Specter, out.

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