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Terms of Use

By becoming a member, you agree to the following:


1) When leaving comments, you will refrain from the use of vitriol. IE, You will not disparage, malign, or demean any other users character or lifestyle. This place isn't Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler, or Reddit. Any comments section is a free and open place to voice ideas, and argue those ideas succinctly, but not a place to hurl insults, or otherwise be a douche rocket. Violators of this rule will be warned, and repeat offenders will lose their membership. So, lets just be honorable, and kind toward one another, and have some good arguments, and great conversations.


2) Threats of physical violence are strictly prohibited. Anyone reported for making such threats will be investigated, and any legitimate threats of violence will be reported to the authorities, and you will be banned.

3) Adult material is strictly prohibited. Anyone posting adult material WILL BE BANNED. There are other sites for that stuff. Go there. If you post adult content featuring minors- You're getting reported to the authorities, and I'll actively help hunt you down and bring you to justice.

4) Threaten terrorist acts on this site, and you'll be reported directly to the FBI and banned from further posting. As with adult material involving minors, I will do everything within my power to ensure you are brought to justice.

5) Doxxing is strictly prohibited. If you dox another user for ANY REASON you will be banned. If there is a user who is breaking any of the above rules, you may contact me directly and I will fix the issue, and if need be report the individual to the authorities. If you take it upon yourself to dox another user, and that doxxing can be viewed as a credible threat to that person, see rule two.


If you witness any of the above, you understand that you can contact me directly to report these issues (anonymously), so that I can resolve them with a quickness.

There- perhaps the easiest terms you've ever read. Enjoy the site, behave, be honorable, be legal, and have fun.

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