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The BLT Cult.

"A vegan cat and a trans child have one thing in common- they're not making their own decisions." I honestly have no idea who originated this turn of phrase, but the simple fact that we even have it is bad enough. Recently, my state started passing legislation that would allow for "trans youth" to get "gender affirming care." Considering that there is even a push to have prepubescent children receive such "care" is a slap in the face of civilized society. What some see as a step toward progress and acceptance of differing peoples, others (myself included) see as a slide into depravity that has but one end for those who go through it.

I heard and read of a few competing theories as to why we're seeing a sudden spike in "trans youth," and of the ones I've heard two stick out in my mind as being the most plausible. The first is the much maligned "Social Contagion," and the other is "hormonal imbalances brought about by poor diet, and exposure to pervasive chemicals." Of the two, I think that "Social Contagion" is the far stronger candidate, though the other is a very close second place. But why would such a well to do and accepting person such as myself think that the "trans youth" issue is more a social contagion and not some long suppressed inner working of the human psyche?

Have you ever dealt with peer pressure? Have you ever wanted to fit in? Have you ever wished you were special and that everyone loved you for it? Have you ever been 13 and slammed into puberty with no real warning? Sat in class and missed everything the teacher said because that good looking girl across the classroom smiled at you- and suddenly standing was a definite "no-go" proposition?

I remember being in junior high and feeling a strong need for a group of my own while simultaneously feeling unworthy of any of the groups that were around me. I found friendship in a group of adults (and one dude my age) who liked building models and playing with them. In essence, 40k became my group in my formative years. This is still a group I will chit chat with as I enter my 4th decade of life. It's a group that my son has entered as well. That need to belong to something hooked me into a franchise (and an expensive one at that). It's doing it again as I pursue airsoft as a hobby and sport. That need to belong- to be accepted- is a strong desire inbuilt to who and what we are.

We are pack animals. We are a social species. We NEED interpersonal interaction, and the support of like minded people. When we lack a pack- we find one.

And so we have this generation of "trans youth." Unlike my generation and generations before, screens are EVERYWHERE all the time. Likely as not you are reading this on your very own NSA surveillance device. Possibly through a link you clicked in your Zuckerberg marketing tool, or your Musk Twit space. Or maybe you're super cool and are reading it direct after looking up my blog (thanks btw). Either way, everyone is on a screen most days of the week. Including parents.

And what happens when you separate parents from their children? What happens when people live within the confines of a chat room, or an artificial world created by someone rather than the real world created by natural processes? The net result is parents no longer influence their kids like they should, and their kids find solace, and companionship in total strangers they've never met in real life. Who someone is online is whatever picture they present to the world.

Most people at the time of this writing are likely seeing my "avatar" of either an AI generated picture of Alpharius, or Private Pawts- a Marine figure made out of clay planting pots. This is intentional. Just like every other profile picture and bio online. Rarely do we see someone posting a picture of themselves that they think is hideous as the first thing people see. They may divulge those pictures to friends and family, but to the rest of the world looking at their profiles online? No. Only the best pictures make the cut.

This obviously has some downsides. First- how do you know who you're REALLY dealing with? You can't- especially if you never met the person in real life. All you have is the picture they put forward, and the story they tell you about themselves. As adults, who've dealt with this a while, we can better understand that who we're dealing with isn't what we see.

To a child... That's an entirely different story. And to make matters worse, there is a dedicated movement to separate children from the parents even further by their teachers. I recall less than a decade ago a MASSIVE scandal breaking wherein priests within the Catholic church were exposed as having abused and groomed children for decades. Looking back at that and the fallout which occurred, I have to ask myself how this current state of affairs we're seeing in schools across the nation or with adults online is any different? How is a teacher "affirming" the contrary sexuality of a minor and insisting they keep it a secret from their parents any different from a priest grooming a child and telling them God wants such a thing to happen (and by the way- don't tell your dad)?

When the story broke of all the scandals within the church, many people were rightly pissed off that such a thing was swept under the rug. It made me- an atheist married to a CATHOLIC woman- look at priests a little more closely. Be a little more wary of who was near my kids. And seeing the videos and pictures from schools within my state and others, I really have to ask which is worse.

And this brings me neatly to the "Social Contagion" and how it spreads. It's not that people get a disease from others and then become sick. What happens is far worse. this "disease," is far different and easily prevented. Simple non-exposure of children to these ideas prevents this Social Contagion from spreading. And the people actively trying to spread this Social Contagion know as much- which is why it is IMPERATIVE that you let them attend all ages drag shows, and let the teachers enlighten them as to the wonders of the panoply of sexual expressiveness. Without exposure- no seed can be planted, and no fruit can be harvested.

Children don't make their own decisions- they ape the decisions and lifestyles of those around them. Surround a child with nothing but drag queens, "Gender fluid pansexuals," and "Trans-people" and likely as not they'll adopt those behaviors and beliefs themselves. I was surrounded by nerds who liked toy soldiers and military enthusiasts vets. And here I sit a vet myself, with a plastic addiction and a desire to do fire and movement for fun. My son is much the same. My daughters- they're all budding home makers like their mom (and all my kids are growing up Catholic and home schooled). None of my kids are trans- because my wife and I aren't trans.

I firmly believe that the current "Trans Movement" isn't a genetic thing so much as a cultural thing. Emphasis on the CULT. And like any cult (sans the Marines, which is a truly great cult that only a few can join) it recruits in much the same way. By spreading its ideology as far and wide and deep as it can. And being a Marxist cult, it aim's to destroy the one thing that can truly defeat it, and wear it down into dust in but a generation or two.

The family. And the best way to do that- is to erase families from existence. Which is why they want you to sterilize yourself, and then sterilize your kids while you're at it.

Don't let them. Home school your kids. Instill Christian values, and American ideals into their minds. Ensure they grow up knowing that the world is dangerous and be honest what the threats are. Set them up for success because the Marxist cults out there have one goal in mind- their failure.

Battle Specter, out.

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Social Contagion is one way of putting it. Another could be brainwashing. Even another could be indoctrination. Indoctrination in to what, a cult? Maybe more of a political religion.

In 1945, the average SS man was between 16 and 19 years old, fighting for the doomed cause of the Nazis. But doing so fanatically. Why? Because for their entire life prior they had been indoctrinated into a cult via the Hitlerjugend. In hindsight, I can empathize with them. They didn't cause the situation, they merely grew up within it and knew nothing different. Another political religion.

Some years ago I watched a documentary (I think from the BBC) about child suicide bombers in Afghanistan. They had managed to apprehend a…

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