Dreadtober Continues Apace.

More pictures with an updated plan of action for my Inquisition themed Sentinel.

I prefer to base my models before I paint them. I figure this allows the paint to act as a secondary adhesive to hold my flock/sand/grit mixture to the base a little better. There is the fringe benefit that the paint actually softens the texture of the materials I use, making it slightly easier to paint. As you could see before, there is a slain enemy walker under a girder that my Sentinel will be walking past.

I finally decided on a paint scheme. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with this model, as it will set the tone for the rest moving forward. I wanted something that was both interesting (as this is a pseudo character model being the "Sentinel Detachments Commander") and thematic. So I've decided that I'm going to do a skull motif on the face of the walkers upper torso with the "eyes" being the vision apertures for the pilot. I have a plan on how I'm going to do it, we'll just have to wait and see how it pans out.

I'm also going to attempt a pre-shade with this model. Basically, all that means for me is that after basing and finishing assembly, I will then get a lighter color (probably a white or off white) and dust it from one direction to set the light source. Seeing as most of the painting I'll be doing will involve washes, I think this will work out alright. We'll see. If could also flop REALLY hard.

Stay tuned for more. Because this isn't the only model project I have on the table.

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