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Shifting to Supplementary Positions.

Recently, you may have noticed that posts from the Rambling Devil Podcast have been slowed way down. This isn't because I've given up. On the contrary, I'm working behind the scenes to try and ensure that the entirety of what I am doing will survive when I start school in the fall (two degrees isn't enough I suppose, and I like designing stuff, so...). That being said, I've run into a rather interesting SNAFU with Anchor that is souring me to their product. This will necessitate a few changes that I am making right now.

First, I'll clarify the problem I have. This may help answer some questions as to why the change is happening in the first place. You see, I've recently had a bevvy of problems signing into my Anchor account. I don't think it's malicious, but it is annoying and persistent. Every time I try and log into the account, I have to make multiple attempts before I can actually sign in. I've contacted support (who got back to me quickly) about my issue, and the best they seemed to offer was "try Chrome, it's designed for Chrome."

Now, I have never used Chrome, and to date I've posted in the realm of 100 episodes without difficulty. Within the last few weeks however, every time I try and log into my account I am redirected back to the login after hitting enter. If I attempt to refresh, the site will freeze. I've attempted this with my VPN on and off. At first I thought it was my connection. So I jumped to other sites, logged in and got cracking with them. Every other site I use works just fine. Anchor is the one with issues.

And what terrible browser do I use to accomplish this feat? Firefox. I use Firefox. Not some strange open sourced super secure thingy. Firefox.

So this left me scratching my head trying to figure out what I should do, and I decided to just transfer my podcast to my own site. This will take a little time as I learn the process, so there will be a further lull in the episodes (figure a couple of weeks) but when I start hammering them out again, it'll be on my website exclusively. Yes, this will mean you'll have to visit my site, and yes, this may mean some teething issues moving forward. If you see things, contact me and I will work toward ironing them out.

In the mean time, everything I have posted to Anchor will remain up and active. I won't close the account, as that is a nice backlog for episodes that listeners can reference. But I will be posting links in the descriptions to this site podcast page.

Along with those changes, I'll be moving forward on a few other endeavors that I have had in the background, namely a miniatures rules set and backstory for the universe within which it's meant to take place. I'm using the old school 40k rules as a guide to putting these together as lots of people understand those rules, and the learning curve should be rather low. Also, I love the way they work- but they need tweeks. The base rules, when they land, will be free. The only thing that will cost anything will be the army creator rules. I'm also going to have my own .stl models available via different sites that specialize in that kind of thing. Should be a hoot.

As to universe creation, expect some short stories and serials within the games setting to start appearing on the site. Nothing nuts yet- the first epic within the universe is still in the editing phase, release time is yet to be determined (see that whole school thing I mentioned earlier).

I've also got a second poetry book in the works that will release on Kindle when it's ready, and I'm going to strive to have it and my first poetry book available in paperback when it drops. So stay tuned. Things are moving ahead.

Battle Specter.

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