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Behind the Scenes (Why I've been absent)

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

The post tempo that I would like to maintain hasn’t been met. I think even to the occasional reader of my blog, this is abundantly obvious. I can report, however, that my slow operational blog tempo isn’t just because I’m lazy. Partly, but not completely. Over the last two years I have been hammering my head against the walls of full time work and full time school. Something about a creative writing degree not being fully capable of bringing home the bacon for my family, and needing an actual “skill” that the job market was looking for (at least in my area that is). I just graduated with an associate’s degree in Machine Tool Technology. That’s a fancy way of saying I can run a mill or a lathe without killing myself, and make something really cool to boot.

During the semesters, I have found myself with very little time to pursue those things I want- this blog included. Getting off work at 2330, to get up at 0600 to be in class at 07 took a steep toll on my sanity and ability to keep my blog rolling forward. My life, up until last week, was school and work with a sprinkling of other things thrown in. That isn’t to say that I haven’t been pushing some things forward, just that my operational tempo was dictated by my obligations to feeding my family and ensuring that I could keep the job I had (by getting that associate’s degree).

Associate’s degree attained, my current J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) is secure, and I can start devoting more time to those things I really want to do- be more present to my family, and push my own ventures forward. And this is what I fully intend to do. There are a lot of works that need finished (one that I actually have a contract to self publish) and a small business to push forward. On the writing side of things, I’m going to start putting time into my blog to ensure that there are regular posts for you to read. I’m also going to be publishing another book of poetry and revamping my current book to make it more suitable for paper back printing. Then there are the long form stories that will come in the next few years.

My other ventures are to do with creating my own business. It’s been a long time trying to isolate what I want to do for myself, and the nexus of that idea is really starting to gel. That, in and of itself, is a whole slew of posts worth of information, and I won’t bother you with this now, suffice to say I realized I like teaching people things, and the education system is in desperate need of a paradigm shift.

All that being said, keep checking back. The blog will get new content similar in scope to what has already been on it, plus I’m putting together some videos which you can throw food at (or just roll your eyes at the production quality). Stay tuned. More to follow.

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