Long time, no post.

Updated: Jul 27

It's been nearly four months since I last posted on this blog, and there's really no reason I haven't. I've managed to get episodes up on the podcast, and just failed to get anything here. Moving forward I aim to change that.

What I intend to do is revamp how I approach this blog. I've done that before, but it's never really had a driving force behind it that was sufficient to keep it fixed on a certain topic. With the two podcasts I'm currently running, I now have a means of focusing this blog, and making it something that isn't just me writing about whatever I want.

So moving forward, I will do the following. For certain episodes of the podcast that go up, I will have an accessory blog post as well, that will dive a little into one aspect of the episode in greater detail- maybe expand upon it in a way I didn't in the episode. I'll also link material and information that either supports or expands upon what I presented in the episode. This may be anything from information on writing, or interesting reads on leadership.

The goal is that the blog, podcast, and forum work together synergistically to create a fully fleshed out resource network for anyone looking to delve deeper into the topics I present. Being an 'off the cuff" kind of guy, this will be a new thing for me as it will take planning to execute effectively.

I guess that means, either way this thing pans out, I'll get to grow in some fashion, and I can't really be upset about that.

Battle Specter, out.

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